About Us

We offer Online Learning and Face-to-face learning at our campus opposite WITS, Weekdays and Saturday Classes.

We have a Late Start Option with classes starting at the end of March for students waiting for Matric results.


Founded in 1965, Birnam Business College is an educational organisation which has, as one of it’s main objectives, the encouragement of every student to achieve the highest level of competency through performance outcomes and both internal and external examinations.

We are proud of our reputation at Birnam Business College, a reputation that has been established over the years. We believe that this is a result of our professionalism and dedication to the student.

Quality teaching is our prime objective and our lecturers give students a high degree of personal attention and guidance.

Course content is reviewed regularly to ensure that our students are equipped with the most current developments in the business environment. Modern teaching methods and equipment are utilised and our past students have secured stimulating positions once geared with internationally recognised qualifications.

We fully understand the needs of our students and offer value-for-money courses, which not only create a bridging experience between school and the work place, but also ensure self-enrichment to the individual. Practical skills, such as typing, bookkeeping, business communication and computer literacy form a sound grass-roots business qualification, no matter what career the student chooses to follow.


Birnam Business College operates in an adult education environment and we expect our students to co-operate with us in maintaining an atmosphere of mature, responsible behaviour.


We hope that this document demonstrates the professional and businesslike approach, which is essential to maintain the standards of Birnam Business College.

Our Mission

We aim to bring students Quality Courses at Affordable Prices.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to Build and Ensure the Future of Birnam Business College.

Our Objectives

i) To provide quality education and training, at affordable prices, to entry-level students, regardless of race religion or gender.

ii) To provide quality teaching by qualified lecturers to small groups, thus ensuring a high degree of personal attention and guidance.

iii) To use continuous competency based training and assessment methods, keeping the student involved in the learning process.

iv) To consistently provide modern and updated facilities, equipment, teaching aids and course material utilised in the training process to ensure visualisation and practical hands on experience for every student.

v) To provide a bridging experience between school and the workplace, as well as a process of personal growth and self-enrichment for every student who will gain increased and improved knowledge, skills and attitude.

vi) To create opportunities for students for compulsory experiential training and application of knowledge and skills in the workplace.

vii) To ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills required by industry, to national and international quality standards and that they are able to apply their knowledge and skills in a real life situation, with all the implicit pressures and constraints.

viii) To provide, effectively and efficiently, education and training of a high quality, which meets all standards and requirements of SAQA and the NQF.

ix) To ensure international recognition of qualifications through accreditation by International Institutes.

Our Business Purpose

There is only one definition of a Business Purpose – “TO CREATE A CUSTOMER”

It is the customer who determines what a business is. The customer is the “Foundation of a Business”.  HE/SHE ALONE GIVES EMPLOYMENT

Never be rude, never give incorrect information and never just say, “I don’t know”. If you don’t know the answer to any query from a student or customer, make it your business to find out and report back to them in the shortest possible time.