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About us

58 Years In Business Education

Quality teaching is
our primary objective

Founded in 1965, Birnam Business College is an educational organisation which has, as one of it’s main objectives, the encouragement of every student to achieve the highest level of competency through performance outcomes and both internal and external examinations.

We are proud of our reputation at Birnam Business College, a reputation that has been established over the years. We believe that this is a result of our professionalism and dedication to the student.

Business Education and Training

The Birnam College Way

Our Mission

We aim to bring students quality courses at affordable prices.

Our Vision

To build and ensure the future of Birnam Business College.

Prime Objective

Giving students a high degree of personal attention and guidance.

Our Purpose

Customer service and value for money is our business’s foundation.

Striving For Excellence

A Professional Approach To Business Education

Jumpstart Your Future

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