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The hospitality industry is one of the largest employers of manpower in South Africa.  Naturally to keep the wheels of this phenomenal ‘growth industry’ turning, qualified skilled staff will be in great demand.

The Birnam Practical Hotel Course offers all the under-pinning knowledge and practical skills required to succeed in this exciting and rewarding industry.

Our students have been employed in Mauritius, Gold Reef City, Reef Hotels, Sun City, Moyos and many other amazing hotels and restaurants.

This course covers the following topics:

This subject aims to impress upon the students the critical importance of effective communication in business. Students will be expected to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and practical application of communication techniques in the relevant business situations.

Nutrition, Diet and Slimming
In today’s world healthy living and eating is top priority. This subject will teach the student the fundamental of an effective and healthy diet, as well as the nutritional content and value of all basic food stuff. Analysis of nutrition and diets and their effects will be incorporated in this interesting and essential subject.

Public Relations and Events Management
How to handle people with tack and skill. Successful event and management planning. Step by step through the process of organising a function.

Cookery Theory
The theoretical knowledge regarding nutritional content of food, methods of cooking, terminology and the structure of various menus, necessary before practical cooking commences, forms part of this essential culinary subject.

Cookery Practical
This is a ‘hands-on’ subject in which students acquire knowledge and skills regarding food preparation and kitchen procedures. Aspects covered include: hygiene and safety, food preservation, handling and storage, cutting and cooking techniques as well as utilization of equipment and utensils. Demonstration, preparation and cooking of various dishes forms a fundamental part of this subject. You will learn the different cooking methods. You will also prepare food and sell it. You will also bake and sell.

The benefit of knowing the techniques and skills required to start your own small business is invaluable. This subject covers the theoretical aspects of the following: profile and mind set of the entrepreneur, functions and economic importance in the SA business environment, benefits and rewards, the business plan and much more

Information Processing Speed
Achieve much higher speed of data entry by mastering touch typing.

Health, Safety and First Aid
The students will learn why, when and how to use good sterilisation safely and sanitation practices.


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