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We offer Online Learning and Face-to-face learning at our campus opposite WITS, Weekdays and Saturday Classes.

We have a Late Start Option with classes starting at the end of March for students waiting for Matric results.


As employment opportunities change in South Africa, the population becomes more diverse, and skilled computer literate/information technology people are playing an increasingly important role in the future.

Naturally, to succeed, you need professional training.  At Birnam, you will learn about hardware and receive hands on training in a variety of software packages.

This course covers the following topics:

High-impact communication skills. How to respond to any situation with confidence and power. How to be a better communicator.

MS Word
This course will take you form introduction to an advanced level of Microsoft Word. You will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Word, be able to perform the most advanced functions, including merging your documents with databases for mail-shots and producing well-defined forms, learn how to work with extremely large documents and how to use macros to speed through any repetitive functions and be able to redesign your Word environment to make it truly user friendly.

Information Processing Speed
Achieve much higher speed of data entry by mastering touch typing.

MS Excel
Microsoft Excel is much more than a quick way to add up numbers. In this course, you will learn advanced features such as nesting IF statements, how to calculate the Mean of a group of numbers using AVERAGEIF, SUMIF and more. You will learn about performing lookups with HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP. This tutorial also covers Sparklines and goes in-depth with Pivot Tables and Charts. Finally, you will learn how to create and record Macros.

MS Internet and Email
We have all heard of the terms Webpage, WWW and COM. These terms refer to the internet. The internet is a global world wide network thus the name WWW (World Wide Web). Today business, advertising, shopping and even finances all form part of the internet.
E-mail (electronic mail) is the transfer of text graphics animation, sound and video through the internet or intranet.

MS PowerPoint (Presentations)
How to make presentations with confidence and power.

Health, Safety and First Aid
The students will learn why, when and how to use good sterilisation safely and sanitation practices.

Computer Skills
Keyboard familiarisation, figures, columns, centring, paragraph layout, manuscript, letters, envelopes and copy typing.

Basic Principles of IT (Windows/Word/Excel)
Computer Fundamentals is designed for students who have no knowledge of a personal computer (PC) and its uses. You will be introduced to the different devices that make up a PC system. You will learn through hands-on experience how personal computers can be applied for general use.

Practice and Promotion of Sales
In an industry that is consumer orientated, the value of the face to face contact involved in direct sales and promotions cannot be overstated. This subject will provide students with a full understanding of Sales Promotion including Structure, Techniques, Planning, Administration and Effectiveness.

Pastel (Debtors and Creditors)
Learn the basics off how to capture a student onto the system, invoicing and receipting, credit note entries. How to capture a new creditor and invoicing of creditors and payments.

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