Human Resources

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We have a Late Start Option with classes starting at the end of March for students waiting for Matric results.


Skilled personnel managers are playing an increasingly important role in the human resources function. When you enrol at Birnam Business College, you’ll have the opportunity to build on your qualities and talents with the comprehensive training you need to succeed in this fulfilling career.

You will learn a systematic approach to the various functions of the personnel department, namely planning, recruiting, selecting, placing and training. The additional business skills in this course will enhance your ability to contribute effectively to the success of any business.

The course covers the following subjects:

Human Resource Management 1
The labour aspects of management.

High-impact communication skills. How to respond to any situation with confidence and power. How to be a better communicator.

Basic Industrial Psychology (Saturday classes)
This subject covers the following fields of study: Human abilities, motivation, personalities, the learning process, social perception, group dynamics, and human resources.

Information Processing Speed
Achieve much higher speed of data entry by mastering touch typing.

Office Administration
Organise and maintain files and records. Self discipline and emotional control. How to stay calm and productive under pressure. More hours in your day.

Applied Psychology (Saturday classes)
The student will gain a clear understanding of all aspects of human behaviour, including psychological, emotional and thinking processes. It will become clear how these principles apply to and impact on situations in everyday life, problems encountered and human relationships.

Health, Safety and First Aid
The students will learn why, when and how to use good sterilisation safely and sanitation practices.

Business Management
How to become a more effective supervisor
Make sure that:

  • The work gets done
  • Costs are controlled
  • People work together as a team

Conquering team conflict
Succeeding as a first time manager

MS PowerPoint (Presentations)
How to make presentations with confidence and power.

Computer Skills
Keyboard familiarisation, figures, columns, centring, paragraph layout, manuscript, letters, envelopes and copy typing.

Computerised Payroll
Learn how to create new staff and all information about staff on a payroll system.

Course fees: From R11 200

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