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Business, Commerce, Industry, Medicine, Art, Law and Travel have all been dramatically affected by the unparalleled growth of the computing industry. We are in the middle of a global revolution that no one can afford to miss.

The course covers the following subjects:

This subject aims to impress upon the students the critical importance of effective communication in business. Students will be expected to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and practical application of communication techniques in the relevant business situations.

Information Processing Speed
Achieve much higher speed of data entry by mastering touch typing.

Networking N+
An integral component of the information technology age of today. Link and control the operations of multiple computer systems, learn the difference between LAN’s and WAN’s, configuring and setting up a network, controlling and installing servers and work stations.

A+ Hardware and Software
Enter the worldwide phenomenon of the A+ environment. This subject covers anything that has to do with assembling or disassembling a computer. PC memory architecture, disk system architecture, installation and upgrades, printers, networks, and troubleshooting techniques are included in this very interesting subject.

Health, Safety and First Aid
The students will learn why, when and how to use good sterilisation safely and sanitation practices.

MS Word
This course will take you form introduction to an advanced level of Microsoft Word. You will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Word, be able to perform the most advanced functions, including merging your documents with databases for mail-shots and producing well-defined forms, learn how to work with extremely large documents and how to use macros to speed through any repetitive functions and be able to redesign your Word environment to make it truly user friendly.

Basic Principles of IT (Windows/Word/Excel)
Computer Fundamentals is designed for students who have no knowledge of a personal computer (PC) and its uses. You will be introduced to the different devices that make up a PC system. You will learn through hands-on experience how personal computers can be applied for general use.

MS PowerPoint (Presentations)
How to make presentations with confidence and power.

The benefit of knowing the techniques and skills required to start your own small business is invaluable. This subject covers the theoretical aspects of the following: profile and mind set of the entrepreneur, functions and economic importance in the SA business environment, benefits and rewards, the business plan and much more.

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