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You’ll be spoilt for choice when you embark on a career in Travel. International Airlines, Cruise Liners, Game Lodges, Touring Companies and Travel Agencies are but a few of the many options open to you once you have obtained your Birnam Travel Diploma.

This course covers the following topics:

This subject aims to impress upon the students the critical importance of effective communication in business. Students will be expected to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and practical application of communication techniques in the relevant business situations.

Health, Safety and First Aid
The students will learn why, when and how to use good sterilisation safely and sanitation practices.

Travel Agency Operations
The subject covers the procedures to follow when issuing travel documentation for land and rail travel and ocean cruises. Students will also learn about the international commuter pass system and how to arrange accommodation bookings. Car hire and travel agencies are also covered.

Travel and Tourism
The subject aims to provide the student with the in-depth knowledge, essential skills and applied competencies to enable them to understand the new discipline ‘Travel and Tourism through outcome based education by concentrating on learner centred activities, case studies and portfolios. South Africa is quickly becoming one of the world’s top travel destinations and the South African tourist is today able to reach every corner of the globe. Adding the huge potential of job creation in South Africa for all, especially previously disadvantaged communities, and the opportunity to present the vast cultural and nature diversity of our land to the rest of the world, the importance of the Subject Travel and Tourism in overall education is becoming paramount.

Ticketing (Domestic and International)
Students learn to calculate and utilise the various air tariffs and codes in completion of the tickets required for local/national and international air travel.

Customer Relationship Management
This course aims to equip the student with the knowledge and skills required to provide outstanding service within the travel industry. The course deals with the main types of customer encountered in tourism organisations, identifying service standards, levels of customer satisfaction, customers with specific needs, as well as the importance of customer service communications.

Information Processing Speed
Achieve much higher speed of data entry by mastering touch typing.

Public Relations and Events Management
How to handle people with tack and skill. Successful event and management planning. Step by step through the process of organising a function.

Principles of Marketing
Marketing is the process which identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably. In order to understand the marketing process the student will study the philosophies, concepts, terminology, functions and the role of marketing in business.

MS Word
This course will take you form introduction to an advanced level of Microsoft Word. You will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Word, be able to perform the most advanced functions, including merging your documents with databases for mail-shots and producing well-defined forms, learn how to work with extremely large documents and how to use macros to speed through any repetitive functions and be able to redesign your Word environment to make it truly user friendly.

Practice and Promotion of Sales
In an industry that is consumer orientated, the value of the face to face contact involved in direct sales and promotions cannot be overstated. This subject will provide students with a full understanding of Sales Promotion including Structure, Techniques, Planning, Administration and Effectiveness.

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